2022 Lemonpard Hot Selling App-Controlled Panty Vibe

2022 Lemonpard Hot Selling App-Controlled Panty Vibe
Lemonpard offers a variety of products, but we have chosen one of our hottest selling products to highlight the opportunities present in our products. This is meant to show how our advanced production techniques, including state-of-the-art app customization seldom found in the industry, can complement your company.
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What Is the Product?
Lemonpard offers the "Panty Vibe" female sex toy. This vibe is discrete and sleek but most importantly comes with a slew of features that can fit seamlessly into your company's image and needs. The product features include:
Magnetic: Convenient to carry and use with magnetic attraction between the two parts.
Simple Controls: No headaches with easy to operate button controlling vibration and through the mobile app.
Compact and Portable Design: Slick, compact, easy on the eye and smooth to the touch design makes it very user-friendly.
App-Controlled Vibration: Vibration and frequency can be controlled via the app.
Stable Bluetooth Connection: Vibe can be controlled by any phone with a Bluetooth connection.
Worldwide Remote Control Connection: As long as the vibe is connected, it can be controlled from anywhere in the world.
Waterproof: Can be used underwater and no stress if there are spillages on it.
The Components
Lemonpard offers customization to all elements of the product. These elements include:
  • Logo: The logo can be printed on the product
  • Packaging: Customized brands can appear on the packaging
  • Colors: Any Pantone color can be applied to the product
  • Product Structures: By providing us with ideas, 2D or 3D images, we can customize the shape of the vibe to your specifications
  • The Mobile App: The most exciting aspect of this product is the mobile app. Lemonpard offers a way to give complete customization and control over the Bluetooth app that controls the vibe. This puts Lemonpard in a different category than other vibe providers. An app that can be customized to showcase brand identity and further brand loyalty is an important and unique way to make your brand stand out from others.
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The Journey of The Product
The product has went from strength to strength from its humble beginnings. Below details the path to the dizzy heights of popularity we now experience for it:
January 2021 Our first mass production took place for the product and at this primary stage, you could only operate it with a traditional remote control.
March 2021 The first upgrades to the product were engineered which saw the motor improved. The vibration got more intense and the noise on its highest setting was reduced.
May 2021 The next step on the ladder saw us improving the power of the magnets attracting and also the shape and form of the product, making the cutting line less visible. The item was also less likely to fall off the underwear.
September 2021 This is where the mobile app came into play which in turn means it can be controlled from anywhere in the world.
January 2022 At this stage refinements to the button were made, making it even more user-friendly.
March 2022 Our most recent development was the redesign of the packaging.
This app-controlled panty vibe showcases Lemonpard's ability to manufacture a product and develop it to suit the needs of any customer. From functioning to design to packaging to remote ability, Lemonpard has covered all bases with this product and it is one of their hottest sellers. Lemonpard can provide your company with products that suit your brand's needs perfectly.

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