Frequently Asked Questions On Open Mold of Sex Toys

Frequently Asked Questions On Open Mold of Sex Toys
Molding processes for customizable sex toys can seem complicated. We are commonly asked the same questions regarding when molding is necessary, why the cost can vary, and what the process is.
How To Tell If My Product Requires Molding
Molding is the best option for products with strict requirements or a high level of complexity.
There are two scenarios in which a product doesn’t need to be molded:
  • Colour Customization: When customizing the color, the only thing that must be done is selecting a color for the coat. Molding is not necessary with a regular color. All that's needed is the exact Pantone color you would like on the product. However, our signature metallic silicone color customization requires more than the Pantone color.
  • Simple Logo Printing: Whether using laser engraving to physically carve your logo onto your product or silk screening to print your logo on the product, the product doesn’t need to be molded. Both of these processes only require additions to the outside of the product, avoiding the need for molds.
If you have a complex logo or distinct and clear logo patterns that are more complicated, molding is the recommended option to get the best product.
Why Does the Cost of Molding Vary So Much?
There is a large amount of variation in molding because there's a significant degree of variation in molding techniques. Products that appear similar may be made with entirely different processes, changing their cost. Whether you choose hard silicone products or non-skeleton full silicone products will change the level of complexity involved in molding.
Both options have pros and cons. Our professional engineers will examine your designs and evaluate the best techniques for your needs and the estimated price. We are invested in giving you the best experience and price for your product.
Hard Silicone Products
When dealing with hard silicone products, the low technology, and easy assembly makes them less expensive.
Using our best-selling wand vibrators as an example, three sets of molds are needed. The inner plastic wand, the gold-plated ring at the bottom, and the outer silicone cover must all be added together.
Changing an external component like the outer silicone cover will require only one mold. However, the deeper you go into customizing products, the more molds are needed, and the higher the price goes. So, if you wanted to magnify the entire product proportionately, three sets of molds would be necessary.
Non-Skeleton Full Silicone Products
Requiring more complex techniques and advanced technology, these products have more limits on their appearance and functionality. However, because it's made with liquid silicone, the finish has a better hand feel than other products. In addition, only one mold is needed to make changes to the pattern or shape.
What Is the Process for Molding?
Once we have been provided with 2D images of your unique design, we do 3D modeling. The cost is quoted after the 3D modeling if your product requires complex techniques.
For instance, with full silicone products:
Step 1: Sample mold. Aluminum mold is the most common for making a small batch of samples for confirmation. This process typically takes 15 days.
Step 2: Testing with other mold forms usually takes about a month.
Step 3: Molding for mass production. After confirmation that the sample is correct, molding is done for mass production.
Customized Molding Process
When manufacturing a customized sex toy, many steps go into making it a unique product. The molding process allows for customized shapes that are unlike any other product on the market. Our methods are top-of-the-line and give the best-customized sex toys on the market.

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