How to Connect Your App to Sex Toys?

How to Connect Your App to Sex Toys?
The process of connecting an app to a product is important to consider when producing a sex toy. It's vital to be aware of how it works, and LemonPard can handle the entire process from beginning to end.
Bluetooth Chip
Our process allows for a custom Bluetooth board. Starting with a Bluetooth chip, the relevant software is written into the chip with a customizable name for the Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth chip is then implanted into the Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA). The PCBA is the "computer" that operates the product. The PCBA is then implanted in the product.
Open Source Code
Whether you already have an app to link to your product or require a new app created, we can help you. Our in-house technicians can customize an app with your logo and brand, giving you an entirely unique app. If you come to us with your own app, we will provide you with the information you need to link the product to your app.
Our Services
We have a range of services that we are proud to provide. These include:
Service Contents
​Customized Bluetooth Boards
  • ​Almost any product (have a space for the bluetooth board, more than a thumbnail)
  • Customized functions
Bluetooth Sex toys APP API and Docs
  • Demo codes for iOS and Android APP, explain how the APP connect with the boards.
  • Flow chart for the Bluetooth connection procedure.
  • API, Protocol, and Commands on how to connect with our customized products.
Better Bluetooth Performance
  • ​-10dbm to -20dbm in 10cm distance.
  • Keep a stable connection within 60meters(200ft) indoor distance.
Privacy and Safety
  • Encrypted Bluetooth connection and communication
  • Every APP, have its own API. Keep your APP's privacy.
  • All opening API and docs for your APP without backdoors.
Two Kinds of APP Control Ways
  • ​APP + Sex toys
  • APP + Remoter + Sex toys
The Two Requirements
While Lemonpard will handle the entire process of connecting your app to the product from beginning to end, there are two things we need from you to get started:
  • A brief idea for your app
  • The basic specs of the chosen device (Such as patterns, intensity, function, motor, etc)
After 2-3 weeks, you will receive the product and app. Our products feature a stable Bluetooth connection, friendly readable demo codes, and technical support.
Lemonpard Makes The Complex Simple
While connecting an app to your sex toy seems like an involved process, Lemonpard takes the pressure off and does the process for you. This allows for a professional customized app that you have a say in from beginning to end.

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