Lemonpard-----------sex toys factory from China

Lemonpard-----------sex toys factory from China

Lemonpard is an original equipment manufacturer dedicated to the manufacturing of adult novelties, intimate toys, and sex toys.


As a B2B company, we manufacture a plethora of pleasurable products made of different shapes and colors, with a variety of speeds, applications, and modes of stimulation for customers of any sexual persuasion.We manufacturer products with dozens of shapes, functions, and looks for our clients to provide to their consumers. In fact, our product library is only continuing to grow as our research and development team looks into the expanding possibilities available to consumers via Bluetooth, motion-sensing, position-sensing, and device-to-device remote control technologies.


Because Lemonpard is based in Shenzhen, China, we hope to make our products ultra-accessible to suppliers and retailers located all over the world. With this goal in mind, we condense the supply chain by custom-designing a product-compatible smartphone app, usable by your customers. By training our own app designers in-house, we allow our clients to keep prices lower in this competitive market. Additionally, our custom-designed mobile apps allow us to work within a client’s unique brand identity. Clients will find that as an OEM, Lemonpard can function as an extension of their brand image, designing products and an app interface that exhibits their company’s goals, values, and priorities—all while giving customers greater control over their toys.


As the market for sex toys continues to grow, consumers find themselves with more choice than ever in finding their next favorite product at adult stores. And whether it’s wireless or non-wireless—we give clients a vast product library to meet their customers’ demand. If any supplier finds themselves unsure of their next product, feel free to contact us to get the conversation started.


Lemonpard’s business is smart sex toys. And together, we hope to provide high-quality, expense-efficient products that help clients foster a long-term relationship with their customer base.

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